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Ilya U Topper

Ilya U Topper, born in Spain in 1972, is a Spanish journalist focusing on Mediterranean countries. Since 2011 he has worked in Istanbul as a correspondent for the Spanish news agency Efe.


Writer’s Articles

Your Words Are Your Weapon — You Are a Soldier in a Propaganda War

Narrative warfare and the role of journalists in it is immense; the context of the conflict, the battleground has shifted to the realm of narratives, where journalists play a decisive role in shaping the narrative.

Published on: Sun, 04/21/2024 - 22:40
The Perils of Unverified News: A Case of Nonexistent Flotillas

Can you hide one thousand ships in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea? I would say not. But some of my fellow journalists seem to believe in magic.  

Published on: Tue, 01/16/2024 - 13:00
Journalists beware! The silly season is upon us

With parliaments on recess and all the movers and shakers off on their holidays, journalists can find themselves scrabbling about for any old news to report. But be careful what you resort to

Published on: Mon, 07/03/2023 - 13:41
The correspondent's job: Ask people, don't tell them

Should foreign correspondents and their media organisations ever take a stand on another country’s political divisions?

Published on: Mon, 05/08/2023 - 13:26
Field notes from an earthquake - reporting on human misery

REPORTER'S NOTEBOOK: Where do you draw the line when covering human suffering? When does reporting on a devastating earthquake cross over from objective journalism to tasteless voyeurism?

Published on: Mon, 02/20/2023 - 10:18
Beware of trying to ‘cause’ the news to happen

How rumours and speculation about a refugee ‘Convoy of Light’ descending on the Greek border with Turkey were taken up by some members of the press - when it never actually happened

Published on: Thu, 10/13/2022 - 10:25
Beware of activist journalists - they won’t always tell the ugly truth

It is the job of journalists to report the full truth - even when that might cast the ‘good’ guys in a ‘bad’ light

Published on: Mon, 04/25/2022 - 16:34