AJMI launches 9 special training workshops in Ramadan

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AJMI launches 9 special training workshops in Ramadan


AJMI - Doha

Aljazeera Media Institute announced launching of nine evening workshops for the month of Ramadan for those interested in developing their skills in the field of media and journalism.

 A "TV Presentation" workshop will be held at Institute's headquarters on March 17th, trained by journalist Wassila Alami. Trainees in this workshop will learn how to stand in front of the camera and experience television work environment, and they will also have the opportunity to practically present news to understand skills that must be learned and how to develop and refine such skills.

On the evening of the nineteenth of March, trainer Ayman Al-Khatib will supervise and train mobile food photography workshop, where participant will learn about the best methods and techniques of filming food using mobile phones.

On the other hand, Voice expert Salem Al-Jahoushi will train participants in "Voice concentration" workshop on the evening of twenty-first of March, while journalist Khadija Ben Qana will present “Press conference management” workshop on March 24, 2024.

Also "Media Culture" workshop will be presented by Samir Al-Shamayleh on March 26, followed by “Press release writing” workshop on March 28, 2024, presented by Mohamed Saidi, Head of Internal Communications at Aljazeera Media Network.

A digital video writing workshop will be held at the end of March trained by trainer Yusra Al-Asri, and then calligrapher Ahmed Al-Hajj will train participants in Arabic calligraphy workshop on the second day of next April.

Finally, open coverage workshop will be held on the fourth of April, trained by journalist Fida Bassil.

It is worth noting that these workshops represent an opportunity for individuals to discover their own media skills, and an appropriate experience for those who wish to develop their knowledge in these fields.