Newton International School visits Al Jazeera Media Institute

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Newton International School visits Al Jazeera Media Institute

AJMI - Doha

A delegation of 30 students from Newton International School in Qatar visited Al Jazeera Media Institute.

The delegation accompanied by colleague Jana Al-Muslimani, was briefed on sources of news, importance of verifying news before broadcasting. The delegation was also introduced to the basic stages of preparing news for television, starting with collecting information, verification and then preparing news for the screen.

During the introductory tour of the institute, students discovered the reality of television news presentation before the camera, they read news briefs and discovered what is behind the scenes.

The students expressed their happiness and enthusiasm for this experience, Mohammed Atheer said: "This visit gave me a deep understanding about the field of media, and we were excited by  practicing news presentation in front of the camera, it was a great fun, also challenges behind the screen attracted me a lot and I plan to work on that environment in future.

For their part, the students considered the visit to the institute as an amazing experience, and they have a real understanding of challenges and responsibilities facing presenters while presenting news bulletins and breaking news.