Our Services


At Al Jazeera Media Institute, we start from our deep experience as well as the experience of our trainers to put in the trainee’s hands the outcome of decades of experience and practice in a form of a series of specialized courses covering different fields,more.


Private Courses

In addition to its regular courses, Al Jazeera Media Institute offers private courses for public and private sector institutions not only within and outside Qatar, more.


Media Development

We work at Al Jazeera Media Institute to develop the media industry in the Arab region and the world, and to create innovative ways to communicate the media messages.  We also aim to improve the quality of the media content and foster the trainees’ capabilities and talents.we offer our accumulated experience, long experience and knowledge of our experts in the form of consultation services for various local and international institutions.


Media Consulting Services

Al Jazeera became aware of this transformation well before the rest of the world started to notice, and we can help our clients overcome their challenges, more.


Production unit

The Al Jazeera Media Institute encompasses a high quality and efficient production unit. This latter is responsible for preparing educational videos published by the Institute through its various social platforms. It also produces a set of video clips aiming at introducing Al Jazeera Media Institute and its achievements in the field of training and development.

It is worth mentioning that the production unit at Al Jazeera Media Institute deals with various institutions with the aim of preparing promotional and documentary films for these institutions in addition to producing videos for social media pages.

Al Jazeera Media Institute welcomes collaboration with all institutions wishing to benefit from the institute’s experience at the level of creating promotional and documentary films, as well as videos for social media platforms.