16 graduates in the Diploma of Television Presentation AJMI

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16 graduates in the Diploma of Television Presentation AJMI

AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute concluded its television presentation diploma, which lasted for thirty consecutive training days in the presence of the institute's leaders, trainers, and trainees' families, including 16 male and female graduates.

Eman Al Ameri, Director of the Institute, said in a speech at the graduation ceremony: "We gather today to celebrate the graduation of 16 distinguished trainees in television presentation diploma program presented by Al Jazeera Media Institute.

She continued, "This achievement is the result of many hours spent in training, we are proud of what you have accomplished, and I would like to emphasize that the success you have achieved is not the end of the journey, but it’s the beginning. I wish you a bright and successful future in this field.

16 trainees from several Arab countries participated in this diploma, namely: Lebanon, Tunisia, Palestine, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Morocco and Qatar. Diploma trainees praised the knowledge and skills they have achieved, Yazan Abu Yassin said that wonderful training days have passed full of experiences at all logistical, scientific and practical levels, in turn, Esraa Saleh joined the Institute's diploma to benefit from professional experiences of well-known media figures at Al-Jazeera Media Institute who are well known at Arab world.

Participants in this diploma gained many skills, including mastery of voice skills and keys to successful television presentation, basics of Arabic language and grammar that broadcasters should know in addition to personal identity of a presenter program which was recently introduced to help trainees develop their personal identities as presenters with a special and distinctive style.

Also, the diploma included other different programs in the fields of television presentation such as news presentation, talk shows and sub-editing. Graduation projects of this diploma was supervised by the famous screen presenter Khadija Ben Qana.

It is noteworthy that the diploma program was supervised and trained by a group of broadcasters and experts specialized in this field such as presenter Ahmed Taha, radio presenter Salem Al-Jahoushi, and Dr. Ibrahim Mansour, Ahmed Tahseen, presenter Omar Al Saleh, presenter Izdihar Shashaa, presenter Fida Bassil, and announcer Nazih Al-Ahdab.