17 Students in Mobile Documentary Story Course in Lebanon

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17 Students in Mobile Documentary Story Course in Lebanon


AJMI - Doha

Aljazeera Media Institute held a mobile documentary story course in Tripoli, Lebanon during the period from 1 to 5 March for 17 students.

The course was led by trainer by Iyad Al-Dawood, a renowned trainer in the field of documentaries. Topics of the course covered the following areas: How to make a documentary film using a mobile phone? basics of mobile phone documentary, how to use storytelling techniques in mobile phone photography? in addition to learning creative techniques for combining both sound and image in photography.

This course, held for the interest of WeSprings Consulting for Development and Creativity, aimed to enhance knowledge and experience in the field of media, especially in the area of documentaries within youth communities in Lebanon. Given that films produced by trainees of this course proved to be of a good level.

Eyad Al-Daoud said, "The course succeeded in joining theory with practice, to equip students with the required skills in order to empower them to create and produce their own documentary works.