AJMI announces the names of its 2019 fellows

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AJMI announces the names of its 2019 fellows

AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute announced the names of those approved for institute’s Fellowship Program for 2019, and the titles of their research projects to be worked on during the program period.

The selection committee of the Al Jazeera Media Network has been briefed on all applications and fellowship ideas. It accordingly, based on the scientific criteria it has developed for this purpose, has selected the candidates.

Journalists and researchers from Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Mauritania, Qatar, Palestine, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Yemen, Somalia, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Chad, Turkey, Britain, the United States, Iran, Afghanistan, , Spain and Germany. The Fellowship's ideas included various media areas, including digital journalism, media and future challenges, journalism and democracy.

The eight candidates approved to the Al Jazeera Fellowship Program 2019 are: Omar Abu Arqoub, from Palestine, on the impact of the use of modern communication technologies on newsrooms. Aisha Gharabi, from Tunisia, and her topic is on Journalism and democracy: the Tunisian experience as a model, Salah al-Din Ma'afa, from Algeria, and his theme is the careful press: the website of Maydan is a model. Doaa al-Atrash, from Palestine, and her topic is about the revolution of virtual reality and the problem of absence of scientific and professional foundations. Rola Alyan, from Palestine, will work on the subject of digital journalism and journalistic writing values between the challenges of practice and restraint. Al-Tayyeb al-Fateh, from Sudan, is will search on the processing of knowledge stories with drawings and infographics, and ways to enhance the content visually and editorially. Sakeena al-Malaky, from Morocco, has the theme of the media ethics of the digital press; and Dalal Nodular, from Qatar, will search for the best use of new Internet channels and tools.

The Institute thanked all those who had applied for the Al Jazeera Fellowship program and announced the opening of the fellowship program later this year, to allow for the participation of the largest number of journalists and researchers, and to support the research and innovation environment in the field of journalism.