AJMI celebrates the 15th anniversary of its founding

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AJMI celebrates the 15th anniversary of its founding

AJMI – Doha

The Al Jazeera Media Institute celebrated its 15th anniversary on Thursday, February 28. The celebration attended by Dr. Mustafa Souag, acting Director General, the network channels’ managers, various divisions and directorates directors, broadcasters and trainers of the Institute.

In his speech at the ceremony, Dr. Mustafa Souag valued the role of Al Jazeera Media Institute and its achievements over the past years, stressing that the development of the media-content-production process nowadays requires a greater effort to keep abreast of these developments.
Dr. Souag said that such anniversary celebration is an opportunity to review the performance of the institutions and anticipate their future. He mentioned that the media professionals -regardless of the institutions they work for and orientations of those institutions- should develop their skills and abilities to be able to keep abreast of the development in the process of delivering the news and the content.

"Over the past 15 years, the institute has trained more than 46,000 trainees, including some 13,000 Qatari. It also organized more than 4,000 training courses and launched the Al Jazeera Ambassadors initiative, which has benefited thousands of trainees worldwide. As for the e-learning platform, it succeeded to draw about 25,000 subscribers. Furthermore, we have launched in 2018 a new website that is simple and efficient; it combines all the services of the institute under one umbrella," said Munir Daymi, AJMI Director.

During the ceremony, a series of video clips that reviewed the AJMI achievements over the past years was presented.