AJMI E-Learning Platform Launches Digital Media Diploma on June 22

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AJMI E-Learning Platform Launches Digital Media Diploma on June 22

AJMI - Doha

On twenty-second of June, Al Jazeera e-learning platform of the Al Jazeera Media Institute is going to launch Digital Media Diploma, which extends for five months to cover nine educational fields in addition to a graduation project.

Diploma program includes knowledge and skills needed by everyone interested to specialize in the field of digital media, starting from rules of digital storytelling for multimedia, strategy building for social media platforms, utilizing mobile phone technologies in producing different forms of journalism and podcast content, story production supported by data in accordance with ethics of journalism in the digital age.

Digital Media Diploma falls in blended learning method and is presented in Arabic language by a group of trainers from Al Jazeera Media Institute, namely: Mohamed El-Shazly, editorial supervisor in digital sector of Al Jazeera Media Network, Othman Kabbashi, supervisor of Al Jazeera Net Newsroom, Ezzat Wagdy, digital content producer and documentary filmmaker, Anas Bendrif, multimedia story producer, Arwa Al-Kaali, data journalist and university professor, Lina Meshaal, specialist in building marketing strategies, Faten Jabai, video journalist, Samir Al-Nimri, Aljazeera correspondent, and Khadija Ben Qana, Al Jazeera anchor, Abdul Karim Aweer, first podcast producer at Al Jazeera Media Network, and finally Mohammed Khamaysa, a journalist and researcher in media ethics.

Journalists experienced in fields other than digital media can join this diploma in addition to those who are interested to enhance their knowledge and develop their skills in the digital field, in addition to digital content producers interested in acquiring new skills stemming from the experience of Al Jazeera Media Network and the experiences of its leading employees in the digital world, as well as beginners in the world of journalism who wish to benefit from the inspiring experience of Al Jazeera content creators and mastering professional controls of digital content production.

The diploma consists of nine educational fields in addition to the graduation project. Training on each field lasts for two weeks, including attending self-learning and direct learning materials, and Digital Media Diploma program continues over a period of 5 months, with a total of 208 training hours, divided in the following pattern:

20 hours of self-learning materials for all nine diploma fields, 94 hours of live and interactive meetings via Zoom, 94 hours of in-depth discussion through discussion forums. Learner is not going to receive Diploma graduation certificate, unless he successfully passes the nine educational fields of diploma program, in addition to submitting his/her graduation project in the specified fields.