AJMI launches "Be a Broadcaster" series ​

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AJMI launches "Be a Broadcaster" series ​


AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute launched a new program entitled Be a Broadcaster with Ghada. It is a series of episodes developed by the Institute, presented by Al Jazeera anchor Ghada Oueiss, in which Ghada discusses the skills that broadcasters must possess, and ways to deal with the devices and tools used in the television presentation profession, such as auto-cue, earpiece, microphone and the cameras. In addition to the ability of the broadcasters and their personal qualities that appear through the voice performance, facial expressions and self-confidence.

The programme provides advice to help broadcasters and those interested in the field of television presentation know how to deal optimally with emergency and sudden situations in their work, such as breaking news and live coverage.

Al Jazeera Media Institute has previously launched similar programs, including Language Secrets and Media Knowledge by media expert Aref Hajjaoui, and the series Appearance of the Broadcaster and Reporter by Al Jazeera broadcaster Rawaa Auje.​