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Al Jazeera Media Institute – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute signed on Sunday October 7 an MOU with The Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy.

Khalid Johar, acting Director General of Al Jazeera Media Network said: "We are glad to sign this memorandum of understanding with Higher Committee for Projects and Heritage, represented by Capacity-Building and Training Unit of the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s Security Committee".

“On behalf of myself and Al Jazeera Media Network, I appreciate the trust put in the network to contribute to developing and polishing the skills of the cadres of the security committee of the Higher Committee for Projects and Heritage. I am looking forwards to this Memorandum of Understanding to attain its objectives. We are keen on cooperating with local institutions and organization; and we are pleased to contribute to the success of the World Cup Qatar 2022."

Mounir Daymi, Director of Al Jazeera Media Institute, said the Supreme Committee for Delivery & Legacy’s Security Committee would benefit - according to this agreement - from the media consultations and the training courses whether the main scheduled ones or special courses requested by the committee. He added that agreements of the same nature as this one yet reaffirms the confidence and trust of the local Qatari institutions in Al Jazeera Media Institute and its capabilities.

Brigadier Ibrahim Almuhanadi, Director of the Consultant Bureau of the Security Committee said the agreement would make the Al Jazeera Media Network's accumulated experience available for the members of the Security Committee. He stressed that this cooperation is in line with the greater good of the State of Qatar in the media landscape both at the regional and international levels.