Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ Initiative in Tunisia

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Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ Initiative in Tunisia

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Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ Volunteer Initiative held six training courses for more than 100 students from the Institute of Journalism and Information Sciences in Tunisia.

The initiative included a number of important titles trained by a group of specialized media trainers, such as press media course trained by journalist Lotfi Hajji, television program production course trained by journalist Bilal Benabid, television presentation course trained by presenter Salma Al-Jamal, voice and elocution skills course trained by journalist Aseel Sami, documentary filmmaking course trained by Mr. Bashar Hamdan, and digital story building course trained by journalist Yousra Al-Asri.

صورة لإحدى محاضرات الزميل وائل الدحدوح بتونس

In addition to the training courses, Wael Dahdouh, chief of Al Jazeera bureau in Gaza, presented two seminars on his experience in covering wars in Gaza, the first seminar was dedicated to the Tunisian Journalists Syndicate, in which 40 journalists attended, and the second seminar was presented to the Institute of Journalism and Information Sciences and was attended by 120 students.

These training courses in Tunisia come as part of the Al Jazeera Ambassadors’ Initiative program, which aims to enhance students' skills in journalism and expand cooperation with academic and journalistic institutions around the world.