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AJMI - Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute has announced the launch of its "Al Jazeera Fellowship" programme for 2024, tailored for journalists and researchers in journalism, media, and related fields. Extending over two months in two distinct phases, the programme commences with a remote phase where participants formulate their research plan and draft the introduction. The subsequent phase unfolds at the headquarters of the Al Jazeera Media Network, involving the completion of the remaining research stages.

The Al Jazeera Fellowship programme aims to provide journalists and researchers with the opportunity to compose a research paper of approximately 7,000 words on a topic within the realm of journalism. Participants will have the opportunity to integrate into one of the working teams within the Al Jazeera Media Network, gaining an intimate understanding of the work environment. They will engage with editors, journalists, and colleagues pertinent to their research topic. Additionally, participants will operate in a conducive environment offering diverse experiences, academic and professional support and guidance. Access to resources, including the Al Jazeera Media Network's archives, the Al Jazeera Studies Centre library, and specialised equipment for media work, will also be provided.

Applicants for the Al Jazeera Fellowship programme must meet specific criteria, including holding a bachelor's degree, a minimum of two years' work experience in the media field, strong analytical writing skills, preliminary research capabilities, and excellent proficiency in both spoken and written Arabic and English. Participation details for the online programme will be available on the institute's official website.

The theme for the 2024 Al Jazeera Fellowship centres around research related to artificial intelligence and its applications in journalism.

The first focus area of the programme explores applications of artificial intelligence used in various journalistic work patterns to enhance journalistic quality. This includes AI applications in data journalism, AI applications in newsrooms, and AI applications in investigative journalism.

The fellowship also addresses AI applications in fact-checking, uncovering misinformation, and manipulation.

The third focus area delves into the ethics of journalism in the era of artificial intelligence. This field concentrates on research reviewing the ethical considerations journalists must be mindful of when using AI applications in their journalistic work, alongside the best practices to navigate these ethical challenges.​