Al jazeera Media Institute launches Podcast diploma in July

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Al jazeera Media Institute launches Podcast diploma in July

AJMI - Doha 

Al jazeera Media Institute is going to launch an intensive 18-day Podcast diploma in early July, with a purpose of empowering diploma participants necessary skills and knowledge needed to produce a successful professional podcast.

The diploma program includes a variety of themes such as audiovisual language editing, sound concentration and diction, audio editing and mixing, best methods for interview making to the final phase of producing and publishing podcasts.  

Trainees of this diploma are going to be trained and supervised by a group of specialized trainers of the Institute to enable participants to expand their understanding about podcast various types and their distinguishing features, develop their skills on podcast text drafting and presentation, conducting interviews, in addition to recording sound, editing and mixing. By the end of training, trainees will be confident to produce their own podcasts, publish and market them, as well as.

During three weeks of practical training, trainees will recognize successful models in the field of podcasts, know basics and principles of producing a professional podcast capable of competing and attracting the largest number of listeners.