e-learning Platform “identification of journalists’ needs” initiative

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e-learning Platform “identification of journalists’ needs” initiative


AJMI - Doha

The e-learning platform of the Aljazeera Media Institute launched a special questionnaire to identify needs of journalists for the current year 2024. This survey, which is based on journalists' personal experience in the field of journalism, is part of a periodic initiative conducted by the platform with the aim of communicating with its users in order to provide the most relevant courses to their needs.

This initiative, conducted by e-learning site for the second consecutive year, seeks to hear from journalists about educational and training courses mostly needed, in order to help the platform build up more effective learning expertise that matches the current interest and requirements of journalists and moreover involves journalists in the process of course making.

The survey, which was launched in the last week of January, will help the platform team customize courses and educational materials to meet the needs of journalism professionals, and will enhance the quality of educational experience offered by Aljazeera Media Institute.

The responses received through the survey will also be among the factors that contribute to determining the strategic vision of the platform during the current year. The survey will receive opinion and comments until the last day of the current month of February.