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Journalistic Article Writing

Media writing is one of the most important areas of journalism, as it transforms events and happenings from mental perception and visual observation into written language, informing readers about what is going on around them, and getting to know the latest news.

According to trainer Othman Al-Kabbashi, journalistic article writing offered by the Al-Jazeera Media Institute aims to acquaint trainees with the importance of the article, in addition to informing them about the types of press articles and the ways of writing them, in the framework of the great digital transformations in the whole media scene, and how writing for the press coincides with this shift.

"I came to Qatar to attend this course and I am very happy because Al Jazeera Media Institute has a number of professional trainers in various media areas," said Mario Sorbillo, a trainee from Italy who joined the writing course.

Ayat Rabee al-Mahdi, a trainee from Sudan, who attended the journalistic article writing course at Al-Jazeera Media Institute, said that she found it a very useful course and advises all those who wish to develop their writing skills to join the course.

The journalistic writing course, organized by the Al-Jazeera Media Institute, lasted three days, from Sunday, December 09, to Tuesday, December 11.