Learn Arabic" Program of Aljazeera Media Institute launches new courses

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Learn Arabic" Program of Aljazeera Media Institute launches new courses


AJMI - Doha

"Learn Arabic" Program of Aljazeera Media Institute launched 3 new courses in its series of teaching Arabic to non-native speakers. These courses cover beginner levels A2-A1 and advanced levels C1, with total participation of 27 students from around the world.

Beginner level courses enable student to talk and communicate with Arab native speakers within the requirements of daily life, and introduces him to some details of Arabic and Islamic culture, while at the advanced levels the student deals with more in-depth topics in Arabic literature, politics, economics, social, religious and cultural issues. Each course consists of 60 teaching hours in the classroom in addition to 60 hours for exercises and assignments. Given that all this done through an interactive platform that enables him to submit assignments, follow up teacher's notes, and interact with his colleagues in the class.

Before registration, each participant undergoes an interview with language experts to determine his appropriate level before joining the program. At the end of the program, he has to sit for assessment interview to verify that he has passed the level successfully and entitled to completion certificate.

It is noteworthy that "Learn Arabic" Program team had graduated last February 65 students enrolled in its courses that started in December 2023, and lasted for ten weeks. Given that several courses are scheduled to start next April.