AJMI’s Imprint seminar hosts six media personalities

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AJMI’s Imprint seminar hosts six media personalities

AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute held its first edition of “Basma seminar” during which five media personalities guest-speakers spoke on the stage of AJMI’s auditorium in Doha on Sunday, November 11, 2018.

Munir Daymi, AJMI Director said: “The idea emerged from the institute’s motto We develop your skills to fulfil your aspirations. We believe in fostering the culture of creativity, and the necessity of highlighting the role of the graduates of the institute in the media and their society. That would provide them a platform to share their stories of suc​cess and demonstrates the link between their training in the institute and fulfilling their career inspirations.”

Mohamed, al-Jufeery, inventor; Ahmed Abdelnasser, filmmaking, Mobarak Shamlan, event organizer and activist; Ali al-Mussalamani, TV Presenter; Ahmed al-Malki, TV presenter an trainer; and Asmaa sl-Hamadi, TV presenter and activist were invited by AJMI to be the guest speakers in the seminar. They spoke about the impact and influence they experienced by the courses and training they have received in AJMI in the beginning of their career journey.

Al-Malki considered the invitation to be yet another motivation for more contribution to the community. While, Mubarak Shamlan stressed the imprint of the AJMI on his personality and social skills that he became able to get more involved in the society and become a leader in his communities. In his part, Mohamed al-Jufeery expressed his appreciation to the training he received in AJMI. He stressed the skills he developed over the course of training and highlighted how they affected his professional career. He called upon everyone to take advantage of such opportunity in AJMI.