Al Jazeera Institute launches "I'lam" summer camp

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Al Jazeera Institute launches "I'lam" summer camp

AJMI - Doha

As a part of its commitment to develop skills of young people, and based on its sense of responsibility towards society, Al Jazeera Media Institute announces the launch of the first edition of its summer camp "I'lam", starting from the beginning of July to the end of August 2024. The camp targets school students aged between 8 and18, to discover, develop and invest in talent of this age groups. 

The summer camp includes a number of intensive training programs to enhance media culture, deepen awareness of young people about the importance of media education and highlight the important role of means of communication and their impact on various aspects of life, through a series of specialized courses covering different aspects of media specializations presented by a group of accredited trainers at Aljazeera Institute. 

Mrs. Iman Al Ameri, Director of Al Jazeera Media Institute, said that the camp "seeks to develop writing faculty of participants, empower them with various media skills, equip them with necessary requirements needed to deal with modern tools and techniques used in digital media, in addition to improving effective communication skills, learning how to express ideas clearly and confidently, and providing a supportive environment that helps build self-confidence through real media practices, presentations and interacting with public."

Al Ameri added that “the summer camp training program consists of more than 20 different training courses, in which more than 200 students will participate, and includes basic introductions and theoretical introductions to the profession of journalism and its relevant ethics, basics of sub- editing, media reports production, basics of photography, lighting concepts and types, photo and video editing, digital media features and social media journalism."

The program also includes field visits to Al Jazeera Network and other media institutions to learn about the real work environment and to meet with well-known media figures to benefit from the advice of experts and those with a long history in the field of journalistic work.

The camp will be concluded by presentation of graduation projects that will be prepared and produced by male and female students under the guidance and supervision of trainers. Participants will receive graduation certificates that enhance their knowledge and prove that they have lived and passed this unique experiment.