Success Story of a Programs Producer & Presenter

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Success Story of a Programs Producer & Presenter

AJMI – Turkey

Mohammed Al-Agerbi: I mastered TV work at Al-Jazeera Media Institute

Mohammad Al-Agrbi, producer and presenter for a TV channel in Turkey, tells us how he was able to understand the characteristics and techniques of TV work through the courses of Al-Jazeera Media Institute.

- Tell us about your professional and educational career

Mohammed Al-Agerbi, from Sfax, Tunisia, grew up in a family that TV is an essential part of their daily life, starting from following news passing by TV serials to sports games and, of course, children's programs. Over time, my relationship with television has transcended the pleasure of watching. It has contributed to the formation and direction of my knowledge and understanding, and was my first way to learn about what is happening in the world and to deepen my knowledges of public affairs.

Although my educational career was not directly related to journalism and television, my activities and interests were deeply related to TV image through my activities in film clubs during high school, before I becoming a television programs producer and presenter in recent years.

Currently, I am completing my undergraduate studies in political science at a Turkish university. I have also contributed research papers on various issues as well as writing.

- What are your hobbies?

Every creative and attractive human activity attracts me, either by being a fan or practicing it depending on the circumstance, but the cinema remains my first love and of course sports; I have been a volleyball player for many years.

- What courses did you attend at Al Jazeera Media Institute?

I attended the TV presentation course which was the starting point in the world of TV journalism, and then participated in the program production course, in addition to a number of courses and diplomas that I’ve attended with the training team at the Institute at the time.

This experience enabled me to learn most of the TV skills and techniques, both on the editorial and technical sides, and helped me stand in front of the camera for hundreds of hours before officially joining the TV channel I am working for now.

- What skills have your courses developed?

I think that one of the most significant benefits of the Institute’s courses is to understand the characteristics and details of TV journalism work techniques, the importance of working within a group that adheres to the accuracy and spirit of the team, and how the individual becomes part of a system focused on providing a distinct media product, work as professionally and efficiently as possible.

- What is your message?

I’m eager to be close to people. I translate people’s situation in this universe no matter how differently done, either through news dissemination, event monitoring or through case setting forth. I am also looking forward to master my work whatever the possibilities available, and this composition is the chemistry of creativity in my opinion, it is not important to mention my name, it is important to leave an impact whenever I am in front of the camera.

- Your final word

Al Jazeera Network Channel as a whole, and the Institute in particular, reprsented a fundamental turning point in my life. Through the Institute’s courses, I discovered another person living inside me, other colors in life passing in front of me and was not paying attention to.

My sincere respect and appreciation to all the staff and trainers of the Institute.