New courses on e-learning platform of Aljazeera Media Institute

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New courses on e-learning platform of Aljazeera Media Institute


 AJMI - Doha

e-learning platform of Aljazeera Media Institute published two new courses in last January, the first course was “Building social media Strategies”, published in Arabic language and presented by Lina Mashaal, a specialist in digital marketing and strategy.

 The course answers a set of questions such as: What are the types of analytical strategies and models and where do they intersect? What do we mean by algorithms and preferences of social media platforms? How do I draw my own strategy and make my goals and objectives smart ones? Do you have to be present at all social media platforms to ensure success of your strategies? Does strategy success measured by audience engagement with the content we produce, i.e. the number of accesses, likes, reposts...? How to avoid falling into trap of "numbers deception" when managing your social media platforms?

 The second course was "Feature Writing and Storytelling", which published on English-language interface of the platform and presented by writer and novelist Annam Zakaria.

 As for its role during the Israeli war on Gaza Strip, the e-learning platform produced dozens of videos in a special series called "From the Field", which covered experiences of a number of reporters and photojournalists and document their experience in covering development of the conflict in the field.