The Secrets of Language and Media knowledge

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The Secrets of Language and Media knowledge

AJMI – Doha

Al Jazeera Media Institute launched a series of video tutorials to enrich the Arabic media content, and present an educational content in a simplified with a variety of linguistic media knowledge in line with new technical development in a smooth eloquent one-minute video. 

This series is presented by Media Expert Arif Hijjawi, who worked for Al Jazeera as editorial standards manager in the quality department. He is also the author of the press dictionary "Al Logha Al aliyah " and books "Hayati fi Ilaam" and "Khoulasat Ilm Nahw lil Ilamiyin ".

In each episode, he sheds lights on a strange style, or clarifies a term heavily freighted with connotations, or defines the exact and accurate meaning of a word, or differentiates between two synonyms. In total, these tutorials attempt to show how much the Arabic language is a rich and eloquent language, able to give precise meanings; also these episodes are full of fun and wonderers. 

The purpose of the series is to urge the writer and the media journalist to get out of their comfort zone and avoid routines narration and repetitive words, and try to use more vocabulary and methods which convey the targeted meaning briefly, accurately and elegantly.

In each episode Hijawi warns out and advise on linguistic gliding and wrong news delivering ways. In fact, the series allows its followers to benefit from vast and deep experiences; it goes beyond the definitions of Academics, it describes effective and sincere media, it presents politicians’ methods in dodging difficult questions, it defines old and new media, it illustrates the changes made on the media environment due to social media, it deals with media concepts, such as balance, accuracy, neutrality and objectivity, through examples avoiding rigid definitions.